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What Is A Bollard?

Bollards at Ft. Benning

A bollard is a solid vertical post usually constructed of concrete filled steel pipe that is designed as a barrier to protect areas if interest from damage by moving vehicles or to define a roadway or path.  They are ultimately designed to completely stop most vehicles.

There are three types of bollards: they can be fixed, removable or retractable.  The most common of these is a fixed steel post filled with concrete.  The fixed bollards are either installed into the ground  three feet deep and extend out of the ground 4'; or in the case of a concrete or asphalt slab, the bollard can be base plated on or core drilled into the slab.   For aesthetic purposes, the steel post can be painted, or a bollard cover may be purchased.

Removable bollards are intended for applications that require frequent or quick manual removal.  A permanent sleeve is installed into the ground with the top of the sleeve flush with the pavement.  The removable bollard post then can be removed and replaced whenever it is necessary.

Call One Stop Access to find out which bollard is the best choice for your specific needs.

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